Sunday, May 10, 2009

Recipe Test:Vegan "Fish" cakes and vegan "beurre blanc" sauce


It is Sunday and it means that I have to prepare some food that we would consume for the week. I was looking at the Vegan Dad website and he made some chickpea cakes that had more of a seafood spin to it even if it was not intentional for him.I tried them and I loved them. I grilled them instead and I made a vegan butter sauce from scratch. I am developing this recipe still but you can give it a try with a mild tasting protein. I do not think this would be great on tofu but someone can prove me wrong.

"Vegan Beurre blanc"

Soy milk,tahini,eshallots,brown vinegar,lemon juice, black pepper and garlic crushed. You can mix in some vegan margarine if you want to thicken this sauce. This sauce was so good. It tasted like something you would get in a fine restaurant. I did not like such a spicy chickpea cake with it though. I would in the future ease off the pepper sauce in his recipe so that the cake would be more mild so when you pair it with the vegan butter sauce it would be so great. This was so good. Please try it. Vegan Dad did a good job with developing the chickpea cakes. So try it with cooked vegetables as it is a good dinner meal especially if you are having omni guest over.

For those who wrote me about the turnover recipe I will post it this week on the blog.


apoorva said...

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Bajangyal said...

looking fwd to the turnover recipe...will try the sauce later in the week and let you know how it goes..happy vegan cooking :)

Bianca said...

This looks delicious! I never liked fish in my meat-eating days, but I think I'd like something like this. Glad to see that you're back to blogging!

TavoLini said...

Cakes look great!! I'm interested in the beurre blanc sauce--wonder if it would be good over asparagus?

Anonymous said...

LOVELY! had this last night. thank you so much, this is truly a real gem.