Friday, July 4, 2008

Help needed newbie blogger

I am new to blogging.
I do not understand how I can get my site listed in search engines
Can anyone help me?

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Narkissos said...

Hey Ms. M... Corey Springer here.

I hosted your link on my forum: The NarkSide

To become more visible to the search engines, you'll have to get more links shared between websites w/ high visibility and your own.

It'd help if you embedded your url around words related to your subject area...using BBcode or HTML code.


On my forum I embedded your url in a catchy signature, which'll display at the end of each post you make:

Bringing the [url=]vegan[/url] lifestyle to the [url=]Narkside[/url]...and the world!

It reads: "Bringing the vegan lifestyle to the Narkside...and the world!"

When search engine spiders pass over the pages where you post, the word 'vegan' will be linked to your site..So the more instances of this, the more times your site will show up in search queries.

You'll also need a lot more content... so keep writing.

More content = more potential readers.

When you've built your content, you can start emailing links to your friends.

Good luck T.