Friday, July 4, 2008

Sunday Vegan Lunch

This is a vegan lunch I made last summer for my parents and they really loved it as my mother did not like tofu so she ate some of the sweet and sour seitan below in the middle of the baked tofu. I served both protein sources on a bed of fresh spinach drizzled with olive oil and sea salt.

The warm almond salad was easy to make.I combine some broccoli stems, spinach ,bok choy,egg plant,and almonds and chopped green onion.I tossed the ingredients around in some olive oil with amino acids and some garlic and called that a day.Finally, the start portion was spicy basmati rice logs.I combined cooked basmati rice which was a little softer than I usually eat it.

I added some onion ,sweet pepper,blackpepper,curry power,bajan seasoning( will give you recipe for that later) ,crushed garlic and paprika.I rolled them around and covered with breadcrumb,yeast flakes and chilli powder.Baked until golden brown.That sauce it is served is a tomato onion gravy that I had from the Saturday.I will start posting exact recipes a in a few weeks for my new creations.I will be using alot of Bulgar which I fell in love with and mixing Caribbean cusine with other international dishes.

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