Friday, July 4, 2008

Veggie Burger and "Fries"

Since I have been vegan for two years I find I do not eat too much soy products. However, this is one of my non -vegetarian friends favourites. Yes the burger is made out of TVP,breadcrumb,ketchup,onion,garlic,paprika, a little curry powder (yes I like curry alot), fresh basil, blackpepper, mustard and some liquid amino acids. I sometimes add a tsp of Barbadian seasoning and some grated carrots. I do not add any salt because some of the TVP I get in Barbados comes pre-seasoned in its dry form.I find the burgers are not to sticky and if you like you can roll them with some floured hands. I grilled my burgers and I brushed them with olive oil. You do not have to put any oil if you do not want to. I topped my veggie burger with sweet relish, vegan cheese and fried onions. For the bun I combine in my food processer some tomato,olive oil, garlic, fresh basil from my garden and a little salt. I spread this on my buns and grilled them too. Be careful not to load on too much tomato mixture because it tends to make your bun soggy. For the fries I baked- grilled them. These are sweet potatos actually cut into medium wedges. I mix olive oil ,sea salt, Bajan seasoning and some cayenne pepper. I put them in just like that in their raw marinated state and I put them to broil on low. Be sure to watch them they cook up quickly. Sometimes I double season them and put them back to broil again.
Thats it.
Comfort food vegan style


KeriLove Jewels said...

I can just imagine these taste as good as they look, and healthy too..can't beat that.

Latayy said...

Yes they are very tasty
You do not have to eat meat to have a good time at the table:)