Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Cookie Virgin

Hi all,
Today is a big day for me. My first vegan cookies. We eat cookies in Barbados but it is not very common to make them at home. That is a more North American thing. Some of us do but not me until today. I whipped up a batch of 3 different cookies.
1. Chocolate walnut
2. Mixed nut and carob (I cannot find just black unsweetened chocolate chips at all)
3. Carob chip

I should have gone a little heavier on the dutch chocolate but I was scared it would become bitter.
Oh well next time
I am still perfecting the recipe as I am a sugar hater.
I prob will only eat 1/2 of these cookies as I packed them in little baggies as gifts for my co workers.
I wish you can smell them from here.
I am excited about vegan baking now.
I am still on a healthy path so I would just enjoy the view for now.
I really never have a sweet tooth and when I do I have a mango!

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Bianca said...

Aw man, I wish I was in Barbados and then you could just pass those cookies on to me. I used to be a sugar hater too, but something changed a few years ago and suddenly, I can't get enough cookies, cupcakes, and other sweet treats.

And on the sweet potato bread, I did use orange sweet potatoes. Those are the only kind I've ever seen. Are there other colors there? I'm intrigued!