Monday, September 1, 2008

Hiatus- Veggie Roti Post

Hi all
I know I have been a bad person for not posting but I am in the process of some major changes in my life so I will not have time for this blog for the next few months. Once I get settled I would be fine.
Here I leave you with a little dinner I made for the hubby. It is called roti. I kinda cheated this time and bought the skins from the supermarket but I made the filling with tvp chunks,curry,chickpeas,potato,cumin and sweet peas. It can be spicy to mild. The roti is just the dough but in Barbados we call the entire thing with the filling roti.
I will be back soon during the holidays so look out for some new holiday post.
Coming from....
I will tell you that later.
The Barbadian Vegan may be coming to a city near you


TavoLini said...

looks delicious--I've never had roti before. Enjoy your holiday!

Bianca said...

Oh wow! That looks so a burrito kind of...but in some yummy-looking flat bread! Can I come to Barbados?

Rural Vegan said...

I've never heard of this, but I'd sure like to try one!

victorfeelsthat said...

Hi! That looks really good. My girlfriend and I are from the states and are staying at the Crane. We are both vegan! We just ate at Zen, a bit pricey but very good food! But, our favorite place was Jenn's in Bridgetown. Well keep up the blogging!

Taymer said...

hi victor thanks for coming
yes i eat at jenn at least once a week. I am happy to hear you liked it. I will add a vegan guide to Barbados on my blog shortly.
I think it would be helpful for vegans who come to the island