Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Years Feast somewhat..

Finally I am in a different country. I still do not have the internet here yet but I have taken loads of pics and i have many interesting things to share. This one is not so interesting but it was tasty.
We had a French feast last night since my hubby is French. For the starter we had some somasas i threw in there because i needed some spice but after it was totally french lol.
I will post the Christmas lunch we had ahich was very Barbadian but I am still not settled yet
Anyways this dish was just some wedges baked and some veggie steak pieces we found in the Asian section and I made a sauce with it which turned out beautiful. Then just French bean with garlic. For dessert we had an assortment on mini tarts will show this later ...we ended the night with some soy dream and tea.
I didnt love this dish it was too meaty for me the richness of this fake meat was too much for me but hubby loved it

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Lauren said...

your food looks good..even though it was too meaty for you, glad your hubby loved it though! :)