Friday, January 30, 2009

Random meals

I am sorry that I did not come through this xmas but it has been weeks and I am waiting for an internet connection so I can start back blogging. I hope to get the net in a weeks.France takes some time with paperwork...
First pic is falafel burger and a gaucomole salad with vegan cream sauce i made from scratch.The falafel was from a box.
Second pic is tvp stew with left over curry chickpeas with seseme seeds and yummy fresh vegetables with herbe de provence.
Third pic is my spaghetti and soy balls .
I do not have much time now so look out for new developments from me

hmm anyways I have been taking some pics during lunch and dinner with my husband


Lauren said...

all your meals look quite delicious!! :)

Nicole ( said...

Now those are surely some mouthwatering vegan delights!!!

Chennette said...

hey, nice blog - looking forward to browsing through the vegan meals - I like to walk on the vegetarian side occasionally