Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Black bean stew

Black Bean stew is something my dad would do at home for sunday lunch. I have changed it up a little and used loads of garlic carrots and spinach. My husband really loved this on Sunday and he ate it with brown rice. Now we are using the left overs as protein snacks for during the day and eating it hot in a thermos

I will post my final black bean stew soon I just would like to make it even more hearty.


Bianca said...

That looks delicious. I could go for a bowl right now. It seems like that definitely warm me up! It's super cold outside today and my office isn't much warmer.

cosmicwild said...

that looks amazing :) i think il have to make that tomorrow hehe
love the blog xx peony

elizadoohicky said...

I love your blog! I am going to be in Barbados (about 15 mins from Bridgetown) in June and I was wondering if you could list a few places a vegan can eat out and where to shop (the cottage we r staying in has a kitchen) in a post in your blog?

or you could send me a message through my blog! thanks!