Monday, May 4, 2009

Easy Dinner & Lunch Ideas 1

Well I am back

I have started taking pics again and I have many post pending. My first one will be easy dinner and lunch ideas.

I have perfected a falafel recipe and I have revamped my roti recipe ..finally I have made the perfect vegan roti in my opinion.

Anywho.. I really loved shepards pie in my pre vegan days . It is a great comfort food and easy to prepare. Took me 20 mins preparation and another 15 mins of grilling the top. My mom posted me some dehydrated tvp chunks from Barbados but she forgot to send me the minced ones. I made some tvp stew and had some leftovers of it so I just place this stew at the bottom of my baking dish and some herbed mashed potatoes at the top. I added rosemary and olive oil for extra flavour. I served it with string beans.

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