Monday, May 4, 2009

Curry Obsession:Roti

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I know some of you are tired of my roti post. Roti for me is in its own food group. I just love roti so much and after going vegan I was worried I would miss my favourite dish but I have not. I make roti once every 2 months even if it is my favourite it is carb heavy and I would only eat this after a big weight lifting session. You can lighten the carbs by omitting potato but my mom would say a roti without potato is not a roti lol.

Many people would think I am crazy as roti is big work.

I have made a record of preparing the "skins" the roti and the filling in 1 hour. Right now I am still struggling with perfecting the skins but this weekend the skins were better than ever.

1. I reccomend soaking the tvp in seasoned water..did I say seasoned water? Yes. I add heaping tablespoon of bajan seasoning to the tvp.

2.Adding green splitpeas gives body to the roti

3. Cook as long as you can the tvp,vegetables and onions. I reccomend cooking for 1 hour as this thick sauce forms something I call "roti juice". If you do not cook the roti filling long enough your sauce would be weak and not full body like what you see in the above photo.

4. Flavouring is your friend. Try adding yeast flakes, marmite, Braggs liquid amino acids and salt to your sauce remember the roti is a full flavour dish do not skimp on the flavour.

5.Gram masala in the sauce gives it a nice flavour

6.Do crush at least 1 clove of garlic at the end of cooking the stew. I cannot believe what a big difference this made.

7.Do include at least 2 beans, peas...I used chick peas and green split peas. I made sure I cooked the chickpeas for a long time even if they were canned chickpeas. I do not like firm chickpeas. I like them soggy full of curry and flavour.

8.Roti filling can be use as a condiment to boring rice but I would only indulge in this carb load after a workout.

Well enjoy these photos of my weekend roti.

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