Monday, May 4, 2009

Great Eats

I have been watching my weight these days.

Many people think that vegans do not have problems with weight but it is easy to eat too many carbs when you are a vegan and this is not always the best for some of us.

I have been making some hummous using any bean I can find. This one is white flava beans that I had left over from falafel making. I had some regular chickpea hummous so I mixed it in. I find that flava beans when paired with garlic some tahini and some salt and garlic taste like a high protein mash potato. I even suggest eating this hummous warm. Here you can see 2 homemade falafel at the side, spelt bread and some veggies with yeast flakes and golden flax seed.

I think I put some cold pressed oil on the carrots...


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