Monday, May 4, 2009

Easy Lunch Ideas 2

I fell in love with falafel a few months ago and hubby and I started to buy a box of dried one.

Little did I know that after 5 days of soaking some flava beans I too could make this tasty treat.

Before we get on to that falafel post I found a cool recipe idea at the back of the dried falafel box.

They suggested using it as a the sole protein source in a hearty tomato sauce to top pasta.

I said why not.

I admit the taste was a bit strange at first but after several bites I started to love it with some hot sauce.

I only eat pasta dishes and high carb dishes after weight lifting so I suggest this dish for lunch.

I topped this with yeast flakes and some salsa.

I think this is one for a rainy day.:)

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