Sunday, May 17, 2009

Pepper sauce attempt


I had plans to give some pepper sauce as giveaways but I cannot as this pepper sauce is way too hot as in killer spicy. I made a batch today but I have to wait for a few days to taste it. I tasted it right after I made it and the freshness does not allow you to taste the real flavour and spiciness of this hot sauce. I plan to taste it on Wednesday and I will report what happened.

I wore eye protection throughout the entire process and rubber gloves because when pepper juice gets on your hand it is over. It burns for hours depending on how much and how long you were exposed too. I think I will have to dilute this pepper sauce with water because this reminds me of the pepper I tried in Trinidad and Tobago on some doubles and I almost died in the taxi lol.I was like oh give me lots of pepper please and I was shocked at how killer insane hot the Trini pepper sauce was in comparison to the Barbadian version. The only major difference is that in Barbados they use American mustard.
This is a beautiful pepper sauce, rich colour,texture not too runny but I will know the verdict on Wednesday. Stay tuned
This is some serious peppersauce. Will save some for mum back home in Barbados. She will love this.
Thanks Cynthia for this recipe. I added ginger, eshallot ,oil and a large onion to the recipe.

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