Sunday, May 17, 2009

Random Eats

In Barbados on Sunday many people over indulge in food to be honest. It is the time when family get togeter and have a big meal of many things like rice and peas, meat dishes, lasagne, fish etc.

It is very Barbadian to eat like this on Sunday. When I moved away from Barbados I began to do big vegan meals on Sunday but I thought it was silly because it is just 2 of us in the house. On Sundays I do the opposite now and I eat lighter than I do in the week. Sunday for me is a relaxing day not a day to slave over the stove.

Today I ate falafel and hummus in a pita very easy and I am less tired

I tried this box falafel and there is too much of something inside of it. I cannot tell what it is. It is Ok but something is overpowering. I have a short week this week so I had no time to share my homemade falafel recipe with you but I will get to that another time.
Off topic but when vegans travel there is some planning that goes into it as the airline may not serve a meal, it may not serve a vegan meal etc. I have a great recipes coming up of some pack lunches you can make that you can take on the plane. They will not go soggy or have some weird smell that has the guy in the seat behind you asking loudy whats thats smell. For me it is important to always take my food with me but I have a problem eating things that start to get too soggy. Even if I made it I cannot eat it when it goes yucky like that. So look out for this post midweek.
See you guys


Lauren said...

ooh that falafel looks delicious! was the boxed falafel from Fantastic Foods company? i've tried theirs before as well and i always felt like there was something a little different about it!
and i'm DEFINITELY excited to hear about your meal plans for traveling!! i'll be on a 8 hour flight to London in 2 weeks so this will be quite helpful!
hope all is well!

Taymer said...

no it is Ziyad brand pretty cheap and the yield is good esp when you do not have time to soak fava beans