Monday, May 4, 2009

What's Bajan Seasoning and Bajan Pepper Sauce anyways?


Well most of you that read my blog always hear me mentioning bajan seasoning.

It is a staple in my vegan kitchen because it is full of flavour and after adding a little bit to your stews,tvp,tofu or whatever it gives big flavour. Bajan seasoning recipes vary from household to household. Most people in Barbados buy from someone who they think makes the best while others buy from the supermarket. Most of the bajan seasoning I have tried are very tasty. I do not have a favourite but Amandas Bajan Seasoning is one I have been using for a while. It is actually my last as I am waiting for a shipment from my mother. For those who are worried about pepper many of the Bajan seasoning come without pepper and I even saw a no salt version of it. The main ingredients are chives which is like those green onions you would find in the states with the bulb,habenero peppers,onions, garlic, powdered clove, lime juice, tyme, marjoram, blackpepper, paprika. Some people add parsley . I will make my own when I have time to gather all these fresh herbs but I do not see this happening soon. Here is a photo of a packet of seasoning. I keep it in the fridge even if it is very strong. Bajan seasoning is used in most Barbadian cuisine. Do not get this seasoning mixed up with jerk seasoning which is from Jamaica (which is good too). I prefer bajan seasoning in my cooking though as it is not as overpowering as the jerk. I do think jerk tofu would be great.

Bajan Pepper sauce is a condiment you would find in most local restaurants

The flavour is amazing but it is not as hot as the Trinidadian pepper sauce. However I have been eating this pepper sauce since I was 3 years old. I remember as a child my mom would put it over her rice and I would not eat my rice until she give me a little. Bajan peppersauce can save a very bland dish but it packs a lot of heat so becareful. The main ingredient is mustard...yes seriously and habeneros, onions and vinegar and some salt. I am yet to make my own peppersauce. I am afraid some would get into my eyes!

Here is a photo of a bottle of peppersauce I have been picking at for the last couple of month. Mom sent me a care package. If you do go to Barbados these are 2 condiments you should pick up as they come in unbreakable containers and there are easy to put in your suitcase. Grace Pepper sauce is one most people would find overseas, I really love that one too even if it is not Barbadian. I miss Barbados



Anonymous said...

This is a grea recipe on How To Make Pepper Sauce My mother taught me this. I think it will go great with your dish.

funnytodd said...

Where can i order this product online Amanda's Bajan Pepper Sauce

Anonymous said...

Hello there! I am in the States, California to be exact, and would love to find out where I can pick up this Bajan Pepper Sauce, so I don't have to wait on care packages? Or atleast get the recipe so I can atleast attempt to make some..I really do miss it!! :-(

Anonymous said...

uecutorhello last year i bought a pouch of bajan seasoning. i have no idead of how to use it or what to use it in i dont like peppers i have the green bag that you show on your wed page. can you please give me and idea of what to use this for. and how much to use iam in grenada and want to use can you email me a couple of recipe's thanks LDWNHS1947@YAHOO. COM ALL LETTERS ARE LOWER CASE THANK YOU