Sunday, August 10, 2008

Apsara Restaurant (Indian Food)

I do not really go dining out as I do not trust most restaurants with my meals.
You say you are vegan and people do not understand and it is difficult. I almost had to go to Greek restaurant tonight and that would have been a disaster as I called and there was no vegan options. I found a nice restaurant which was a North Indian and Thai restaurant in one. What a wonderful idea there are sure to be some vegan options.
They boast of over 18 vegetarian dishes but I would have to find out if some were vegan or could be veganized by the chef.

First of all this place is beautiful !!! I usually go to some Indian restaurants and the layout sometimes is a bit cold inside but this place was better than home. I did not want to leave. The service was excellent and my dinner was good. Next time I would be more adventurous and try to from Thai menu. My dished called the Dhingri Matar with mushroom and peas. At first they bought a vegetarian one which was pretty but not what I wanted. They quickly remade the dish in a few mins and I had my vegan version. I have a pic of both. The service was excellent. Even my omi feasters had a great time and I admit their dinner smelled really good too.
It was a good trip had by all
I am sorry I did not get pictures of this beautiful place even the bathroom was beautiful!!!
I hope to bring more restaurant reviews again. I may very well go back to Apsara soon to try a different dish. The prices are quoted in Barbados dollars which when you divide it by 2 gives u the US dollars.
I am tired now.
Until next time

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