Sunday, August 10, 2008

Tay's Dhal and Basmati Rice

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Me again cooking away on a Sunday afternoon. Normally in Barbados the lunch is eaten again at dinner time on Sundays. I was very inspired by Indian dishes that I decided to make a dhal at home. Now unlike baking this is one thing I am good at. I make mine different each time as I throw in what is around. This time I paid special attention to the type of curry I used, I used star anise in my dhal to give it a special flavour. I added some tomato sauce to my dhal yes, very untraditional and I also added some american mustard and Bajan seasoning. I guess you would not call it dhal anymore but the taste is very special, very spicy and very good overall. I have decided to restart my book which was on pause for a long time and include this wonderful dish. I cannot stand bland dishes at all esp vegan dishes which need a helping hand to be up there with the other dishes so my dhal is super spicy and full of wonderful flavours of clove,garlic and cumin.
Basmati Rice Cooking Tips
I have noticed that some people cook Basmati rice very badly
The rice ends up sticky and poor in flavour. Here are some tips to perfect basmati rice from scratch. Most people in Barbados cook rice from scratch. I have noticed when I travel around the world that many people use the so called instant rice. This is very nice but some people are afraid to cook rice from scratch.
1. Soak basmati rice for 30 mins prior cooking.
2. Infuse oil with cardomom, clove and cumin seeds
3. Fry up your soaked rice with this oil and add your water and salt.
I came across a site that had some wonderful tips a few months back
If you google it you will find it.
I am yet to find good place mats.
My placemats at home are xmas or valentines or some brown ones that ruin my pics
I know the banana leaf looks tacky but I will be back with a wonderful kitchen set soon.
I love curries but we do not usually do curries with coconut milk here.
I am yet to try this. I also need to seek out different curries and more interesting ingredients which I will showcase to you.

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Bianca said...

yum! I love the idea of mustard and tomato sauce in dhal. So you're writing a cookbook? That's great! Please include this recipe....and I think the banana leaf looks really cool.