Saturday, August 9, 2008

Chocolate Birthday Surprise

My friend is having a little get together tonight so I decided I should give this chocoholic a birthday cake. Unfortunately I have never done vegan cakes in my life. I tried last Christmas but it was a disaster. So I told her I would make her a vegan cake for her birthday. Since I have not developed any recipes on baking I turned to Julie Hasson Chocolate Mocha Cakes.

I was a bit skeptical I admit because here I was promising my friend cakes when I never tried vegan baking. I followed her recipe step by step and voila the most delicious moist not overly sweet cakes I have ever had. Now I do not want to give them to my friend because there would be none left for me! I did not have a nice heart pan or even a cup cake pan. I manage to find disposable muffin pans and they worked well. I just followed her pan release and the cakes popped out well. I did not want to give my friend dry cakes hey it is her birthday so I did the topping Julie did and here we have some of the best chocolate cakes I have ever had so far!

I need to take a photography class as my pictures are really horrible these days.
I have confidence in vegan cakes now so I will be buying My Sweet Vegan and also Julie Hasson's Book.



Rural Vegan said...

Congratulations on your first vegan baking success!

Bianca said...

Those look great! Super chocolate-y! Looks like your baking skills are just fine to me!