Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Vegan Packed Lunches 1- Vegan Cornish Pasties

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I was speaking earlier about vegan packed lunches especially when we travel on airlines that do not provide meals anymore.
I have been tossing up a few ideas in my mind and I decided I should do some Vegan Cornish Pasties. This was the packed lunch I learned about at secondary school . It is a short crust pastry which I use most of the times for all my pastries and it is filled with grated potato,tvp and carrots. This is not only filling, but it should not get soggy, and it is something tasty. The original recipe I had used lard and even in pre vegan days I never used lard I always use to make vegan shortcrust pastry from since I was about 14 years old. I have selected 2 fillings for these Cornish pasties: lentil,carrot with a cumin and curry flavour.
and veganized Cornish pasties which is ground tvp,grated potato and grated carrots.
I will have the lentil and my husband would have the tvp one.
Note these can be miniaturized especially if you are having a party.
I was also interested in doing a Jamaican Vegan Patty. I loved Jamaican patties in my pre vegan days the spices and the soft yellow pastry. This to me was a fusion patty of British with a Jamaican influence. I work on developing the vegan Jamaican patty a little later.

Today I will post a mini tutorial on making shortcrust pastry and how to handle short crust pastry. There are a few faults in pastry making and there were drilled into my brain in secondary school. Many people are afraid to make pastry as they see this as something only for restaurants. You can make your own pastry and store it in the fridge and then use later.
I am pressed for time so I will make these Vegan Pasties in 2 days. Today I would make the pastry and store it in the fridge and a filling and tomorrow I would make the rest. It is better you bake these pasties just before you leave on a picnic or a flight and wrap in paper or a brown paper bag as it will not get soggy this way.

Other ideas for packed lunched is a slice seitan and vegan cheeze "platter" with grapes and vegan crackers.
Super stuffed potato is a potato that you bake and slice in half scoop out the inside and mix with chilli ,tofu ricotta(optional ) and veggies of your choice.Stuff the contents in the halves and re wrap with foil and bake again for another 10 mins. All you need to do is remove the top of foil and eat and this is not very messy.(Just remember to bring a fork if that is allowed in the plane)
Sandwiches are great too but try to avoid adding soggy causing ingredients like vegannaise and those things. You have to channel your inner sandwich artist and, if you want a condiment place it on the protein source and cover with lettuce. I cannot stand sandwiches with soggy mayo or ketchup on it always turns me off.
Hummus is not such a good idea because I think they consider that a "liquid"
A personal tofu quiche is great with spinach and this can be eaten at room temperature without tasting too yucky.
Cold noodle salad with vegan beef or seitan strips is lovely but be sure to eat this as soon as you can to prevent food borne illness.
There is a vegan lunchbox website as many of you know that has some interesting ideas for packed lunches with interesting lunchboxes which I wish I had because I would do more inspiring packed lunches.

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