Sunday, May 31, 2009

Seitan Italian Style Sausage with Yam Herbed Mash

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This weekend I made about 20 seitan sausages for us as my husband likes to take high protein snacks with him to work. I first knew about seitan sausage from the Julie Hasson but I was a little skeptical making them as I am not a big big fan of seitan ..I like it but I do not want to have an overload of seitan plus, sometimes these things taste too gluteny sometimes. I brought back a Field Roast Italian sausage from NYC and we really like the taste and texture but I notice that this is just a seitan sausage with some Italian Herbs inside..hmm . I went back to everyday dish website and I looked for the recipe and started to make it as directed but I added a bit more of whatever spice she used in hers. I also added roasted red peppers, roasted eggplant and an entire can or mashed white beans so it reminded me more of the one from field roast. After steaming it in my makeshift steamer I refrigerated them and I decided to cook up 2 tonight for the taste test. This sausage did not remind me of bread and it was strangely tasting like a big mixed meat sausage of my omnivorous past. Nothing is wrong with that right at least no animals were harmed:)

I cooked up the sausages with some onions and dying broccoli and some fresh red peppers. I added some extra non sodium Italian seasoning and some tomato sausage a squeeze of Braggs and some yeast flakes and salt to taste. I added some chili pepper sauce just because I want to feel some burn in my mouth. I had a yam see Yam( True) in my kitchen for a few weeks now so I decided to cook and mash with some vegan margarine and some parsley crushed garlic and salt. This turned out to be a great dish and not too heavy on the stomach since we eat small portions. For dessert I ate a carrot cupcake test I did from. It ended up tasting like a baked pancake but it was chewy and moist for a fat free dessert. I washed it down with cook your throat ginger tea which is fresh ginger grated and boiled in water and served with no sugar.

I still have the tempeh in the fridge any ideas people. I never tasted tempeh before I really do not want to ruin it.


Lauren said...

seitan italin sausage? that sounds TOO good. i love vegan sausage, but i've only ever had it from tofu..i'll have to try it with seitan sometime!
hmm with your tempeh..i think my favorite recipe with it is the Hot Sauce Glazed Tempeh from Veganomicon..I think i might have posted the recipe on my blog for it somewhere.. but that's my favorite way to cook it! or maybe grilling it with a favorite sauce you have as well! good luck!! :)

Bajangyal said...

I can just imagine how great this dish you find it easy to get yams where you are? I am not impressed with the quality of ground provisions here in the UK and hate the areas you have to go to get them so I usually just do without

Latayy said...

Well I currently reside on a french island so it is not too bad getting good ground provision but if I move to metropol I do not know what I would do...I need to eat my roots. I am sick of pasta and rice and the variety of ground food in the Caribbean helps to balance out everything. We have good starches and no one wants to use the land on a big scale to export. The supermarkets here sell sweet potato but I learned never to buy a sweet potato unless the mud is fresh and it is still bright purple outside

Bajangyal said...

Ok for some reason I thought you were living on a continent..i.e. far away from island life. You are so lucky, my dad is a farmer back home and I spent my entire life getting all of my provisions fresh from the land where the mud is still wet on the yam, potato, casava etc. and being able to pick a breadfruit fresh from the tree so adjusting to this supermarket thing just isn't working out so I don't buy any. Once you know what it really is supposed to taste like you can't settle for anything less.

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