Friday, May 29, 2009

This is not a pizza post. Onion Tarte with American/Canadian Tid bits

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When I first met my bf who is my husband now he made me a tarte of onion tomato and olive one night and it was so yummy. Since then he has never cooked for me again.
This tarte had a look of a pizza but the dough was a kind of shortcrust e.g what you make quiche with. You must pre bake the dough then baste with French mustard not Frenches mustard. I use Maille which I hope is vegan:) I do not see how it could not be. We baste the dough in french mustard and add a bunch of slow cooked onions on the dough mixed with chopped tomatoes and then we top with olives. I wanted to show off the little sliced meats and cheese I got from NYC so I added some Yves pepperoni and some follow your heart cheese. I sprinkled his French tart with Italian seasoning and made it Frentalian. It was good none the less. I suggest that you made small individual tarts so that it can be thick like a tart and look poor like a pizza. The pic is an understatement to how this taste. I suggest not adding other toppings and keep this one very simple. It is even fine for a last min picnic and the taste is very good. For the dough you can make a short crust dough 1/2 fat to flour and iced water and overwork it a bit.
Since the oven was on I made some of Julie Hasson Chocolate Mocha Cakes which are my favourite but this time I made a chocolate peanut butter ganache it was very yummy. I am still scared esp when it comes to vegan cake baking. I am afraid to try new cupcake recipes. If anyone has a fool proof one please email me it so I can make another cupcake.

Tommorrow I am going to experiment with the sole pack of tempeh I bought back with me. I have no idea what it taste like how it is suppose to be seasoned... I will hope for the best


Bajangyal said...

I have tried the cupcakes from vegan cupcakes take over the world aka VCTOTW and they are easy and always work for me. Is there any kind of flavour you want to try inparticular? will email you a few a bit later

tart looks great I can se why hubby went from bf to husband:)

Bajangyal said...

oh and I am looking forward to your tempeh post. I have tried tempeh once and did not like it but I plan on trying the tempeh cakes from vegan brunch soon

Taymer said...

I have 5 pounds of carrots that I got on sale yesterday ...I was thinking of a carrot cake type if you have that and I bought a bag of semi sweet chocolate chips so I want one that uses chocolate chips inside