Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Tempeh Experience


Well I did it. I finally tried tempeh. The taste was interesting to say the least. This is something I think I have to try it again when I get tempeh again or try it at a vegan restaurant so I at least have an idea of what I should be tasting. Vegan Gal suggested I do a hot sauce glazed tempeh but i had no wine or vegetable broth. I created a marinade slightly similar tot the one she suggested and I soaked the precooked tempeh for 2 hours. I grilled on the stove top and I served with vegan brown fried rice. The rice saved the day.My husband had a tempeh encounter be4 he met me and described it as very bad but he wanted to give it another shot since the chef was in the house lol. Apparently I think I failed big time. He said it was 100 times better than his first encounter but if that was good I am happy I did not try his first encounter. The marinade did not penetrate through this piece of soy but I could taste no bitter taste at all. The fried rice saved it!I will try tempeh again but I have not given up on it yet.
UPDATE: I left some tempeh in the marinade for 2 days and I cooked it again. Wow very tasty and flavourful.I would definitely work with tempeh now I know the secret. The texture is very strange I do not know if I would pair tempeh with something like mashed potatoes but I will see if I source some more and do more experimenting.

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TavoLini said...

You know, there is a tempeh bacon recipe that changed my world as far as enjoying tempeh. I poach it, too, at the beginning to soften it. Let me see if I can find the recipe...

Your dish looks good to me!