Thursday, June 4, 2009

Amazing Chickpea Burgers with Vegan Vodka Sauce

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I dabbled in the past with writing a vegan cookbook and it is funny as I penned 3 other cookbooks be4 and there were not vegan and I did them over a summer. I started writing a cookbook but I do not want to waste my time as one person told me last year people do not read cookbooks anymore. Maybe true in some places but I believed that there was still hope. Now my audience, who will be my audience... I could never aspire to be such a success like all the other cookbook "bibles" that others are reading. Who would really be my audience? Hmm. To be honest I do not know of many vegans other than the Rastafarian community in the Caribbean and they have their own way of cooking called Ital which is vegan but something like Kosher since Ital cooking has some rules esp with cooking utensils attached to it. I am not too sure I would have to ask a Rastafarian when I get a chance but I remember there was an article with a college student in the States who was suing because he wanted them to cater Ital or something like that. Anyways I do not think much of the Rastas will be buying my books unfortunately. Now my site gets ppl mainly from North America: I want to know what appeal does Vegan food with a Caribbean twist have to you? I think many people have a misconception about Caribbean food on a whole as they do not understand what the Caribbean is in the first place. Many people think of jerk food rice and beans and sometimes even pineapple and think that is what Caribbean cuisine is about.Actually Caribbean cusine is a mixture of many different types of cusine. Barbadian cusine has African and some Spanish roots mixed with British cusine which makes it very unique. I think people think that cooking Caribbean Vegan is something special and something they could not do everyday that to would hurt the success of my cookbook. I am not giving up my dream of writing it because now is a good time for me since I have more time on my hands. I have to think about product availability because somethings I use are only found in the Caribbean. I do think that if someone comes to my blog and tries a random recipe they would have these ingredients at home. Veganism in the Caribbean( in general ) in my opinion lacks public appeal more so than other places of the world, mind you places like Spain I could imagine lacking all appeal. Many people have social bonds with the food they eat in the Caribbean and these foods would not be given up as they believe it is their identity.What is try to do is keep my identity without killing animals. Many people close off their mind about veganism or sometimes feel threatened by it. Sometimes people eat a vegan plate and do not even realise what they are eating has no animal products inside. Do they even care? My thoughts about the future is that people would care more about animal rights like they fight now for gay right, civil rights etc. I think we have come a long way even in the last 20 years. We as vegans just need to keep strong and keep the demand up for vegan restaurants,vegan apparel etc.

Ok my little reflection is over.

I decided I would keep this one for the book because it is so good I promise you..where is the Caribbean or Barbadian influence?
I feel a little more confidant about the cookbook because even if it never gets published I would be happy because I completed it.

A Bajan cooked it!

Have a good day guys

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Bajangyal said...

That person who said people no longer read cookbooks is wrong! I am a cookbook fanatic and I know for sure here in the UK they are still very popular even with access to so many resources on the web.

Don't give up hope on your cookbook dreams, try to make it so it appeals to all person vegan or not. The same way a vegan or veggie can take a meat based recipe and adapt to suit their dietary needs the same can be applied to a vegan cookbook or it will simply showcase more creative means of preparing veggies, peas/beans etc.

With respect to the Rastafarian community not all of them are as strict on cooking/eating and I know a few who would welcome a caribbean book such as the one you are proposing.

Whatever you decide I hope you keep blogging because I enjoy reading your blog:)